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The Effects Of Exercise On Our Mind And Body.

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Video Transcript.

in this video we will be discussing 00:02 about the effects of exercise on our 00:04 mind and body we all know that exercise 00:07 is any bodily activity that enhances or 00:09 maintains physical fitness and overall 00:11 health and wellness it is performed for 00:14 various reasons to aid growth and 00:16 improve strength preventing aging 00:17 developing muscles in the cardiovascular 00:20 system honing athletic skills weight 00:22 loss or maintenance improving health and 00:24 also for enjoyment many individuals 00:27 choose to exercise outdoors where they 00:29 can congregate in groups socialize and 00:31 enhance well-being all these factor have 00:34 a great positive impact on our mind and 00:36 body before starting the video please 00:39 subscribe to our channel and hit the 00:41 bell icon to watch our videos we make 00:43 health and fitness related videos if we 00:47 regularly exercise every day or at least 00:49 five days a week we can gain a lot of 00:51 benefits the exercise may be moderate 00:54 physical workout such as brisk walking 00:55 cycling or vigorous workouts such as 00:59 running or swimming laps or heavy weight 01:00 training if we do any such kinds of 01:03 exercise regularly then we can have a 01:05 positive impact on our body and mind 01:07 there are many benefits which are listed 01:09 as the first benefit is that the 01:11 exercise helps us to secrete feel-good 01:13 endorphins which are the natural 01:15 endogenous cannabinoids these are the 01:17 endogenous hormones similar to that 01:19 which we obtain from cannabis these 01:21 hormones increase the feeling of 01:23 well-being in our body and mind this is 01:25 the reason that the people who regularly 01:27 exercises doesn't like to miss their 01:29 regular routine and don't feel good if 01:31 they miss their exercise for a few days 01:33 due to the cannabinoids the regular 01:35 hormones are not being developed inside 01:37 them exercise helps us develop and 01:39 dodging as hormones or endogenous 01:41 cannabinoids which are very beneficial 01:42 for our moods good feelings and most 01:45 importantly for our anxiety regular 01:49 exercise boosts our confidence while we 01:51 are doing our exercise and we are 01:53 setting different small goals by 01:55 continuously doing it and gradually 01:56 achieving it and are being able to lose 01:58 our weight we are getting fit and in 02:00 better shape thus achieving small 02:03 regular goals helps us to increase our 02:05 confidence and also when we are fit then 02:07 our confidence automatically Rises 02:09 regular exercise also helps to improve 02:11 our socialization when 02:13 we go out for exercising and meet many 02:15 people then we at least smile greeters 02:18 say hello doing such things can boost 02:20 our confidence level and also reduces 02:23 our anxiety exercise is the best way of 02:25 coping with stress if we have any 02:27 tension or stress then we must exercise 02:31 for stress relief different people do 02:34 different things some people drink 02:36 alcohol to get free from stress 02:37 some people do excess eating or eating 02:39 excess sugary foods and some people 02:42 tends to lock themselves in their room 02:43 alcohol binge eating and isolation are 02:46 not the solution of any kinds of stress 02:48 in fact these activities increases our 02:51 stress exercise is the best technique 02:53 for coping with stress regular exercise 02:57 helps us to achieve better sleep if we 02:59 are able to get proper sleep then there 03:01 can be major positive changes in our 03:03 lives good sleep helps us to maintain 03:05 our health brain gets sharper and we 03:08 feel fresh throughout the day and there 03:10 will be no signs of anxiety regular 03:12 exercise is best for good sleep exercise 03:15 helps us to control our weight get rid 03:17 of diseases such as high blood pressure 03:19 diabetes insulin problem cholesterol 03:22 problems heart problems stroke and even 03:24 risk of cancers gets very low for the 03:27 ones who are into regular exercise we 03:33 have more stamina in our body our basic 03:35 metabolic rate gets increased throughout 03:37 the day we can have high energy we feel 03:39 more cheerful and by these factors we 03:41 can work more and achieve more in life 03:45 those who are addicted to smoking 03:47 alcohol or even drugs if they want to 03:50 quit such bad habits then switching to 03:52 exercise is the best way to do and the 03:54 best option to choose over those habits 03:56 regular exercise is the best way to quit 03:59 smoking and alcohol exercise also 04:01 increases our life expectancy we can 04:04 live a longer life if we regularly 04:06 exercise not only our life will be 04:08 longer but also the quality of our life 04:10 will be better but all these things will 04:15 not be achieved in a single day and also 04:17 excessive exercise is not required to 04:19 achieve all these benefits the only 04:21 thing which matters in exercise is 04:23 frequency many of the research have 04:25 proven that those who frequently 04:27 does regular exercise they get a lot of 04:29 benefits these benefits require minimum 04:32 of four to eight weeks of regularity 04:34 this is the reason that we must keep our 04:36 goals small during our exercise 04:38 achieving such smaller levels in our 04:40 exercise makes us feel very happy and 04:42 motivation level gets increased keep the 04:45 goals very simple and achievable which 04:47 we can achieve easily but we must do 04:49 this regularly if not every day we must 04:51 exercise for five days in a week 04:53 so regular goals small goals achievable 04:57 goals are very important we must make a 04:59 proper routine and maintain consistency 05:01 for our regular exercise we can make our 05:04 exercise fun and enjoyable if we do 05:06 group exercises or by joining gym 05:08 classes cardio classes or by dancing or 05:11 playing our favorite sports if we make 05:13 our exercise enjoyable than we are able 05:15 to maintain the consistency we can also 05:18 make our exercise partner we can do a 05:20 regular exercise with friend according 05:23 to the research those who exercise with 05:25 their friend have increased in 05:26 performance level and benefits from 05:28 exercise are a lot compared to the one 05:30 who does it alone and the most important 05:33 is being patient we must have patience 05:35 exercise requires a lot of patience this 05:38 does not happen in a snap of a finger 05:40 this requires a lot of time but along 05:43 with time it brings us a lot of benefits 05:48 therefore these were the benefits of 05:50 exercise and its impact on our mind and 05:52 body hope you enjoyed the video if you 05:55 liked the video and thought it was 05:57 useful then please like and share also 05:59 don't forget to subscribe and hit the 06:01 bell icon for similar videos thank you

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