Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors has done very well for itself. Even though it addresses a topic most people are unaware of, it has become an online bestseller for the past couple of years.Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj, created this guide because they believed that tight hip flexor muscles are one of the root causes for many health problems such as:

* Digestive issues

* Inability to walk without discomfort

* Joint pain in your hips, legs, and back

* Lethargy

* Low libido

* Poor blood circulation

* Poor posture

* Sleep problems

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Video Transcript.

[Music] 00:07 I'd like your hip flexors little a book 00:10 reviewing today so I think this could be 00:13 quite handy one for you guys I'm gonna 00:15 go through the contents of this one that 00:18 you can just sort on load it online 00:19 thinks about a tenor in the UK up to 00:23 maybe about fifteen dollars in the US 00:25 depending on what what that exchange 00:27 rate is at the moment it's by to think I 00:31 think US and Canadian or thirds so 00:33 forgetting dive into it have a little 00:35 look and I think so 00:37 going book essentially promotes being a 00:42 bit more active looking after your hip 00:44 flexor region so that's basically right 00:46 near your groin I won't point it out 00:48 because that might just be a bit weird 00:50 but thinking about you know where your 00:52 groin is right it's it's about basically 00:54 looking after that area especially those 00:56 of us that are perhaps not as active as 00:58 we should be or our our jobs and 01:02 lifestyles mean that we're seated more 01:04 often then we should be so if you are 01:06 one of those people this is a really 01:08 good little ebook actually 01:10 and also if you're an athlete interested 01:13 in getting peak performance I would also 01:16 say this is a good ebook for you to get 01:18 and download so I'm gonna go through the 01:21 content a little bit with you now and 01:23 pickups on the highlights okay here we 01:26 go we're gonna do a little run through 01:29 some of the content on this lovely ebook 01:32 so we're gonna do form so it's got 01:35 forward obviously a bit about the guys 01:37 that have written this Rick Cassell and 01:40 Mike West at all I'll just go through so 01:44 my personal highlights in this one 01:45 instead of reeling off the whole thing 01:47 otherwise that all might just sort of 01:49 spoiled it before you so don't want to 01:51 do that so going through a little bit of 01:54 anatomy of the hip flexors 01:55 specifically the so ass muscle that 01:57 they're talking about mostly in this in 02:00 this ebook this fight-or-flight muscle 02:03 for survival section and there is how 02:06 City means killing you sitting in your 02:07 sex life 02:08 I like the sitting section quite a bit 02:11 I've got quite loud clients myself there 02:13 are often desk-bound lots of friends and 02:16 family that are have desk-bound jobs 02:19 perhaps sit around a little bit too much 02:21 sometimes I can be a little bit guilty 02:24 of doing it more than I should 02:26 so this can be a good little reminder 02:29 reasons why to get up your backside get 02:32 moving do some mobilizing even getting 02:35 up walking stuff like that just 02:37 basically why you don't want to be 02:39 sitting down on your butt for too long 02:42 there's a bit on for athletes by 02:46 increasing power little section on white 02:48 campfire what they're calling it most 02:51 powerful muscle so us so again as far as 02:55 I'm concerned up I now want are not on a 02:57 pretty interesting section I mean I 02:58 found it all pretty interesting to be 03:00 honest because I like this kind of stuff 03:01 but these are the ones that stood out to 03:03 me so a bit about and if it's inhibited 03:07 currently whether it's because it hasn't 03:11 been mobilized properly for whatever 03:13 reason games very interesting to show 03:15 well to do another sort of discussing in 03:18 there why that could be having an impact 03:23 on how much power you can output so when 03:24 it comes like sprinting or whatever 03:26 you're doing if you're sellout muscle 03:28 isn't firing as it should then you want 03:32 to dress that pretty quick so that's 03:34 pretty cool in that little section goes 03:36 into a bit of detail on that and then 03:39 the next one tight hips could equal that 03:42 story just another con that's another 03:44 section chart so us can make you look 03:46 fat yeah it was a pretty pretty 03:49 interesting couple of sections there 03:52 makes sense actually when you read it 03:54 through then there's a certain its 03:57 effect on emotions and energy and yeah 04:00 there was a section I thought was okay 04:03 some interesting claims but perhaps yeah 04:06 it could it could make some sense I did 04:08 like the wide static stretching alone 04:11 isn't the answer that's pretty cool 04:13 section and sort of discussing some of 04:16 the other methods you can use to 04:18 mobilize some joints muscles in the body 04:22 so I like that I'm really cool when it 04:24 starts going into actually how you can I 04:27 can actually do that some of the 04:29 techniques so go through the routine 04:32 again I won't go through it all but this 04:34 basically they've got ten main hassle 04:38 stretches and it's a mixture of dynamic 04:40 stretches static stretches facial 04:43 stretching mobility exercises PMS 04:46 stretching three-dimensional core 04:48 stability exercises and some muscle 04:52 activation so they're all they all seem 04:55 pretty cool and some of them I've 04:56 actually ended up in I've ended up using 04:59 with clients before without realizing 05:01 that perhaps it had origins in this 05:03 ebook and I think quite a few of them 05:07 I'm going to take as well from this 05:09 little you book because there's some 05:11 pretty good ones in there so yeah I 05:13 would say all in all it's a pretty good 05:16 little read there is a little bit more 05:19 at the end about Rick Cassell and my 05:22 quested I'll be the authors and of 05:25 course there is a little discussion on 05:27 some of the other products that they 05:29 have as well I think there's a bit to do 05:31 with I can quickly get down to it go on 05:34 I'm sorry just wait for me so so I think 05:37 it's like shoulders back pain which I 05:40 would suggest based on reading this 05:44 ebook might be worth might be worth a 05:46 little look so I imagine they're 05:49 probably similar kind of price range 05:50 looks like they've got them 05:53 see you at well see your arms oh well I 05:56 think you get you get the video 05:58 instructions alongside these as well so 06:00 if the images on the e-book aren't 06:02 enough then you can always have a little 06:04 look at the videos to which I think 06:07 pretty cool right 06:08 so I think that's about enough oh well 06:12 brief summary on the contents there 06:15 without spoiling it all for you so gonna 06:18 do a little ranking male rating and also 06:21 some pros and cons exciting so it flexes 06:25 things I liked about it 06:27 so I liked layout it's pretty cool 06:31 looked nice and neat and tidy 06:32 I liked ultimately the content of it 06:36 so it's all pretty simple stuff really 06:39 makes sense when you read through it as 06:41 well so really liked the content a lot 06:45 of it I didn't realize I was actually 06:47 using a little bit before with clients 06:49 of mine occasionally a little bit myself 06:51 as well so yeah I liked like the methods 06:55 involved there is a few extra bits in 06:58 there that I'm going to be stealing and 07:00 using a bit more with clients as well so 07:02 it was really good so yeah I think it's 07:06 really good sound advice generally as 07:09 well I think pretty much anyone picking 07:12 up that ebook could quite easily follow 07:15 it and stand to gain quite a lot so 07:18 those are the main positive since 07:20 actually pretty pretty affordable as 07:22 well I think for about a tenner 07:25 plus I think you can get a couple of 07:27 add-ons as well I think tenner for the 07:29 main thing that's pretty reasonable for 07:32 what it ultimately teaches I think 07:35 that's a good good investment it's worth 07:38 looking after yourself and I think any 07:40 time going investment like that to do so 07:43 I would do it so there's a the main pros 07:47 maybe some cons now I've got nothing 07:50 there aren't many but I'll pick some so 07:52 the cons what were the Commons 07:54 like I said they weren't actually too 07:56 many in this one but if I had to pick 07:59 maybe one or two so me being a little 08:04 bit of a nude and this kind of thing I 08:06 might have liked to have seen a few more 08:09 scientific references in there 08:12 but to be honest that would probably 08:15 bore most other people but I liked all 08:17 that kind of stuff so kind of a con I 08:21 suppose another minor Khan and Camry say 08:26 assuming very well rictus delves I don't 08:29 know 08:30 they can't knows it viola con I in close 08:34 person would have liked to have seen 08:36 maybe a bit more to do with 08:38 strengthening the hip flexors and all 08:42 the muscles surrounding it because I 08:45 like that that maybe he does that in 08:47 turn these other ebooks that wasn't the 08:49 purpose of it so perhaps they should 08:51 look at those before I come to judgment 08:54 maybe that's the case but in that one 08:56 yeah there wasn't really too much on 08:59 that just a bit on sort of muscle 09:00 accusations stuff like that really I'm 09:04 trying hard to think of many cons and 09:07 intrusion 09:08 they weren't really many finally guys my 09:11 rating out of 10 I'm gonna give it a 09:13 solid eight and a half out of ten 09:16 today gay it's pretty high pretty high 09:19 for me so that I would seriously 09:22 recommend if you're sat at home a lot 09:25 sat down for any reasons 09:27 seriously look into this interested in 09:29 improving grass lattice ISM again this 09:33 is for you just someone that's generally 09:34 into fitness worthwhile looking into 09:37 this one though it's been Mike Nichols 09:39 from Mike Nichols health and fitness for 09:41 body mind that's been my little review 09:43 of unlock your hip flexors by Rick Cassell 09:46 and Mike West radar and that maybe you 09:50 can subscribe comment like thanks for 09:54 watching guys and thanks again for for 09:56 you subscribers you beautiful 09:57 subscribers thank you 09:58 [Music]

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By loosening your tight hip flexor muscles, not only will you keep these problems at bay, but you’ll have more energy and be able to shed the stubborn fat on your belly more easily.

Your hip flexor muscles are responsible for many movements and are engaged when you walk, run, bend, etc. Stretching them is essential to maintaining good health and balance within the body.

Mike and Rick’s guide, ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ is so effective that thousands of people have benefited from it. As we age, we lose our flexibility and range of motion. Often this is due to a sedentary lifestyle.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors provides a series of simple exercises that only take a few minutes each day. Simple, yet powerful. In 3 weeks, your hip flexors will be flexible, less tight and many pain issues in your body would have decreased or disappeared.

Let’s take a closer look at why this product is so popular.

The Good Points:

1) The information is detailed and yet, it’s easy to comprehend. Everything is well-explained, and you’ll have no problem following along. No complex medical terminology is used. You’ll not be intimidated or overwhelmed by this guide.

2) Unlock Your Hip Flexors is surprisingly affordable. For an online bestseller that has sold thousands of copies and has so many positive reviews, we were expecting it to be costly… but it wasn’t. This product is within the reach of most people.

3) One excellent point about Unlock Your Hip Flexors is that you only need about 10 to 15 minutes to do the exercises. That’s about 1 percent of your day. Anybody can spare 15 minutes to improve their health. This works for even the busiest people on the planet!

4) It doesn’t matter what gender you are or what your fitness level is. The exercises in this program will benefit most people and make them more limber. Your body will be less stressed out too. You may experience a feeling of ‘lightness’ and ease that leaves you feeling good all the time.

5) Once you start doing the exercises shown in the guide, you’ll notice that your back pain and any other pain associated with your shoulders and neck start to gradually diminish.

It may take you about 2 to 3 weeks to feel the results, but they’ll come if you stay on course. All the pain that associated with tight psoas muscles will disappear and you’ll feel immense relief.

6) The authors of Unlock Your Hip Flexors are fitness experts with impressive credentials and real-world experience. That probably explains why their information is on point and so effective.

7) Most people will be able to see results and improvements in their health within 60 days. But what happens if you don’t? No worries. This program is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can get a refund. There’s no risk here.

The Bad Points:

1) This is a holistic method of treatment and will require consistency and patience from you. You’ll need to spend a few minutes daily to do the stretches and exercises mentioned. You must do them according to the plan. You’ll also need to stick with it for about a month before you see noticeable results. It’s definitely worth the wait. So, do have patience and do not quit.

2) This product is only available online. So, you’ll need to download and print a physical copy if you want one for easy reference. If not, you can just read it online.

Should You Get It?

Unlock Your Hip FlexorsThis is one of those products that’s so unique you won’t find it elsewhere. It addresses a problem that is sorely neglected because most people aren’t even aware that it exists.

Tight hip flexors cause many health problems as mentioned earlier. Yet, we treat the symptoms without addressing the cause. This program will increase your flexibility, loosen your tight hip flexors, and improve your health.

You only need a few minutes a day to achieve good health. Unlock Your Hip Flexors is an excellent investment that will reap rewards many times over. This guide is a must buy. It gets our highest recommendation.

Get “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” Now through this link

Video: Hip Anatomy

Video Transcript

animatedanatomy.com in this lesson I
will talk about the muscles of the iliac
region in future lessons I will talk
about all other muscles of the lower
limbs let’s get back to our region here
first I will remove the Oregon systems
that we don’t need and I will only leave
muscles and bones then I will remove
these muscles here to block the view and
we can already see the muscles in the
iliac region here these muscles are
obviously blocking our views so I will
remove them through and here are the
muscles in the iliac region these three
muscles here create the iliopsoas muscle
you will understand this name very soon
the obsess major muscle is this muscle
right here the sauce major muscle is
this muscle right here oops is Mynor
muscle is this muscle here that’s why we
have the psoas in the name of the muscle
that is created out of these three
muscles the third muscle is iliacus
muscle that’s why it’s iliopsoas muscle
these three muscles here now let’s start
by explaining the deep sauce major
muscle the obsessed major muscle as you
can see has the origin of the lower
spine here the insertion of this muscle
is the lesser trochanter of the femur
right here the blood supply comes from
the iliolumbar artery and it is
innervated by the lumbar plexus why
anterior branches l1 l2 and l3 in order
to learn about the nervous system of
humans please check out a part of my
software I talked about the nervous
system the action of this muscle is to
flex and to rotate to tight laterally so
once this muscle contracts its going to
you’re tight rotate outwards that’s
actually very logical since it inserts
here behind then we had this utter
muscle here
the obsess minor muscle the obsess minor
has the origin on this side of the
twelfth thoracic vertebra and the first
lumbar vertebra the insertion of this
muscle respect knee aligned and the
ileal packed Neil eminence here if you
don’t know what actually the back
Tennille line is and what the ileal back
neal evidence is that I suggest you to
check out a part of my software where I
have pictures of bones and where I made
animated lessons about bones too so you
can learn about these parts before you
start learning muscles it is innovated
by the lumbar one root of the nerve it
serves for the flexion of the trunk and
now we come to the third muscle in this
group and that is the iliacus muscle it
is this muscle here as you can see it
has the origin on the iliac fossa
that’s the fossa here I also explained
this in a part of my software about
bones and the insertion of this muscle
is also the lesser trochanter of the
just like the psoas major muscle now
this one is supplied by the medial
femoral circumflex artery and iliolumbar
artery the innervation is accomplished
by the femoral nerve from l2 to l-3 the
action of this muscle is the same like
the action of the sauce major muscle it
serves to rotate the tight laterally and
also to flex the tight now you can
understand functions of science major in
iliacus obviously I told already wants
because they insert here behind it’s
going to make the rotation outwards
laterally and also if you look at it
from the side if these muscles contract
of course they’re going to flex the
trunk now all of these muscles are
innervated by the gluteus maximus muscle
that’s this muscle here and when I say
that all of these muscles aren’t
antagonized by this muscle I also
included the sauce minor muscle here in
next lesson I will talk about the
buttocks muscles here hello everyone I
developed animated anatomy that you can
purchase on animatedanatomy.com I put
them links down there in the description
or you can click on a link here in the
video if you’re not going to purchase my
software then at least make sure you
leave a positive comment subscribe or
like my video

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